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Number of persons 2
Difficulty level Facile
Preparation time 20 minutes
Cooking time 10 minutes
Rest time 10 minutes

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Description & Ingredients

Ingredients :

Philippe WAGNER" cooked ham in loaf or "delicatessen" shape
Soft bread
Philippe WAGNER " Country bacon
Salad (lettuce for example)
Peppers (red, yellow or green ... as you like !
White or red onion
Mayonnaise or Mustard



Cook an egg ( or two ) in boiling water for 9 minutes. Once cooled, remove the shell and cut the egg into slices.

Slice a tomato, an onion, a bell pepper, a gherkin or two, and slice the salad. Cut the Philippe Wagner Ham into strips, keeping the rind or not.

Grill the sliced Philippe WAGNER Country Lard in a frying pan for a few moments.

Toast three slices of sandwich bread (per sandwich)

Assembling the sandwich:

Cover the first slice with mayonnaise or mustard, then spread a little chopped salad, slices of tomato, onion, bell pepper and Philippe WAGNER ham.

Cover with a second slice of toasted bread, top with mayonnaise or mustard, then add the sliced egg, the grilled Philippe Wagner Lard and again some salad and sliced gherkins.

Place the last slice of bread on top, cut the sandwich in half diagonally and hold it in place with a wooden pick in each triangle.

Enjoy without delay! 


Tips and Tricks:

To facilitate the tasting of club-sandwich, limit the number of ingredients not floor.

You can vary the flavors by choosing a mustard flavored with honey, curry, tarragon, Provencal ...

This sandwich is very complete and has a lot of vegetables: don't hesitate to mix and match them according to the season! Cucumber, avocado, a variety of salads, endives ... It's up to you!

Let your friends or Club members taste your sandwich and, like the inventor of the Club-Sandwich in his time, let them adopt your revisited version, premium and with natural ingredients!