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A club, a brand, victories!

Published on February 21, 2023
A club, a brand, victories!

Philippe Wagner's charcuterie is the only one to be made with only 100% natural ingredients: French pork, spices, herbs and that's it!

To finally find all the authentic flavours of real charcuterie!

Our products contain no added nitrite or sugar, no artificial flavour enhancers or colourings and no allergens!

It's simple, our minimally processed charcuterie is therefore a perfect part of a balanced diet, even for top athletes!

Our Philippe Wagner Cycling team proves this every day!

Our Elite team has been competing at the highest amateur level for two years now and this weekend won its first French Cup round, even though the season has only just begun!

Through their performances throughout the year, fuelled by our charcuterie as well as by Philippe Wagner's encouragement to always aim for excellence, the team is now flying the colours of our 100% natural ingredients brand!

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