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Quiche with country bacon « Lorraine » style

Number of persons 8
Difficulty level moyenne
Preparation time 30
Cooking time 45

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Description & Ingredients


A tray of sliced traditional country bacon Philippe Wagner

A piece of country bacon Philippe Wagner

2 rolls of salted shortcrust pastry

4/5 large yellow onions

4 eggs

40 cl of liquid full cream



Preheat your oven to 180°c fan oven

Prepare the filling for the quiche:

Remove the rind from the lard, any pieces of cartilage and cut into large lardons of about 1cm.

Peel and roughly chop the yellow onions 

Put the food together in a hot pan and brown it lightly, season with a turn of the pepper mill.

Set the preparation aside in a cool place.

Make a cream mixture :

In a salad bowl, combine the eggs and cream, season with a little salt and pepper (be careful with the quantity of salt, as the bacon is a salty product when it is made), and beat until you obtain a fluid and homogeneous preparation

Preparation of the quiche decoration :

Prepare the bacon in slices (in the same way as for the piece of country bacon, remove the rind and any cartilage) and cut it into strips about 1 cm wide.

In the same way, cut strips from one of the two rolls of shortcrust pastry.

Set aside in a cool place so that the product remains firm and easy to work with.

Assembling the quiche :

Place the second roll of pastry in the bottom of a pie dish and prick it lightly.

Place the chilled bacon and onion filling in the bottom of the pie dish

Add the cream mixture

Decorate the quiche by adding the strips of bacon and pastry alternately and in a spiral to make it look « like a flower »

Place the quiche in a hot oven for about 40 to 45 minutes. The quiche is ready when the cream mixture curdles and the top of the quiche is well coloured

The Chef's tip :

To "spice up" your preparation you can add a tablespoon of strong mustard

Don't throw away the bacon rinds, they can be used later to flavour a soup for example.

For the more daring, this recipe can be made in individual moulds