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Gratin Comtois

Number of persons 4
Difficulty level facile
Preparation time 20
Cooking time 15

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Description & Ingredients

Ingredients :

12 slices of Philippe Wagner ham

250 grs of pasta shells (previously cooked very "al dente")

100 grams of cooked peas

3 beautiful shallots

150 grs of (old) grated Comté (+ 60 grs for gratinating)

1 tablespoon of mustard

50 cl of whole liquid cream

10 cl of dry white wine

Preperation :

1 - Preheat your oven to 180 ° c

2 - Preparation of the gratin filling

Peel and finely chop the shallots.

Cut out circles of Philippe Wagner ham to the size of your molds (use one of them as a template)

Using a slicing knife, cut the ham scraps into thin "brunoise" or chopped vegetables.

3 - Making the sauce

In a very hot saucepan, lightly brown the shallots with a little fat, add the ham brunoise then deglaze with white wine.

Reduce by half then add the liquid cream.

Reduce again until the preparation begins to thicken, add the peas, mustard then the grated Comté and mix everything over very low heat to obtain a smooth and slightly thick preparation: then stop cooking and incorporate the shells.

4 - Assembly of the gratin

In your backing pans, alternate layers of pasta shells and sauce then Philippe Wagner ham (like a lasagna) up to the top of the container

Finish with a layer of cheese and a few pieces of ham to brown.

Bake the gratins at 180 ° C until the surface is colored, serve hot with a green salad.


You can replace the Comté with any other “hard” grated cheese.

If you do not have individual small molds, you can of course make this recipe in a large dish: in this case, cut half the ham into a rectangle and keep the other for the brunoise.

For the food lover, you can add some mushrooms to this recipe!

Enjoy !