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Petit Salé with lentils

New in January 2022

Discover the Lentils "petit salé"

It is made with 100% natural ingredients, fine salt without nitrite, French pork meat and no added sugar or preservatives other than natural.

Generous and tasty, the Lentils "petit salé" from the brand Philippe WAGNER offer you an assortment of our best charcuterie products for two people : an old fashioned smoked sausage, two old fashioned knack sausages, silver medal at the Général Agricole competition of Paris in 2019, and a nice slice of smoked country bacon. To be enjoyed with our delicious firm and melting lentils cooked with  vegetables.

Easy and quick to prepare, the Lentils "petit salé" are already cooked and ensure you a good  dish that is always successful : just heat it up for a few minutes in a pan or in the microwave and serve it with a touch of honey mustard or old fashioned mustard according to your taste and it's ready !

Enjoy the pleasure of a good  dish like in a French brasserie-restaurant serving simple hearty food!