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New : Discover our Sauerkraut à l'ancienne

Discover the old-fashioned sauerkraut co-created with Scanup.

It is made with ingredients of all natural origin, fine salt without nitrite and selected French pork.

Generous and tasty, the Sauerkraut à l'ancienne Philippe WAGNER offers you an assortment of our premium charcuterie products for two people: an old-fashioned smoked sausage, two old-style Knacks silver medal at the Concours Général Agricole of Paris  2019, a nice slice of smoked Peasant Lard.

To taste accompanied by our delicious sauerkraut, melting, with a soft and balanced flavor, cooked with a little goose fat, onion and subtly scented with spices and aromatic plants. Easy and quick to prepare, it is already cooked and always successful: you just need to heat it in a pan or in the microwave, to accompany it with a few firm-fleshed and steamed potatoes. Serve with a touch of honey or old-fashioned mustard and it's ready! A good dish like at the brasserie!

What to drink with our good Sauerkraut? Choose a white wine such as Riesling *, Sylvaner *, Pinot Blanc * or Charcenne * ...

Tip: Warm it up with a little unsalted broth, beer * or white wine * to personalize it to your liking!


* to consume with moderation